Upright pianos (and vertical grand pianos) are a stunning example of what restoration can accomplish.

The Old Upright Piano 
Schumann Upright Piano

by Clint Hughes

Most of us have seen those old, upright behemoths in a school, church, or someone’s home. Usually, several notes don’t work, it’s way out of tune and the character and appeal of the piano is usually hidden behind an old, worn, faded, scratched finish. Should these sorry old instruments be relegated to the scrap pile, or are they, in fact, diamonds in the rough?

It is my belief that the “golden era” uprights yield the most pleasantly suprising results; even more so than the grands. If someone is considering restoring a grand piano, there are places they can go to see a newer piano to make a comparison (piano dealers, private parties, etc.). Grand pianos are still made in all of the traditional sizes. They have some frame of reference.

With uprights, it’s different. Many of the “golden era” uprights were considerably taller than today’s pianos. They are also of a much higher quality. There is nothing out there to compare them with, apples to apples. The result is, when a fully restored upright is delivered back to a client, it far exceeds the owner’s expectations. It is the combination of the beautiful character of the carved case and the full sound of the piano -- by virtue of its size -- that makes the restored upright like no other piano out there. We have testimonial after testimonial of clients being shocked by the transformation of their “old antique upright.”

Before you think of giving up on your faded, out-of-tune upright, please give us a call or drop us an e-mail. With a few quick questions, we can help you determine if your heirloom upright is worth restoring. You just might be in for a big surprise.

“There is nothing out there to compare them with....”


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