FREE PIANO PICK-UP on qualifying makes/models in the Free Piano Adoption Program!

Free Piano Pickup

FREE PICK-UP of your qualifying classic American piano!

If you have an old American piano (see guidelines below) that you do not want to restore -- but can’t bear to see it go to waste -- then why not give it up for adoption?

Introducing Grand American Piano’s

Adoption Program Features

  • BE SURE TO FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES to see if you can get your old American piano picked up FOR FREE:

    1) QUALIFY YOUR PIANO as one of the following:

    a) 3-legged Steinway or Mason & Hamlin grand piano, ornate or plain-case (please, no 4-legged "square" grands)

    b) Heavily carved, ornate Victorian grand or upright pianos (no spinets, consoles or plain-case pianos unless they are Steinway or Mason & Hamlin)

    2) TAKE PHOTOS and be ready to mail or e-mail

    3) CALL or E-MAIL
    (see below for instructions). We will ask a few questions about the make and model of your piano to determine if your piano qualifies for a FREE PIANO PICK-UP within the 48 contiguous states.

  • SAVE from $75 to $500 in pick-up fees when we come for your unwanted piano FREE OF CHARGE.

  • KNOW that your old piano will go to someone who is willing to adopt it, restore it and cherish it for years to come! It’s the ultimate recycling program for piano lovers.

How Does It Work?

We have found in our many years of restoring pianos that there are quite a few people who own a family heirloom upright or grand piano, but are not in a position to incur the costs of restoration. Even though the piano has immense sentimental value to them, they understand that to get the piano into tunable, playable condition it would cost more than they can, or are willing to spend. They also have come to the inevitable conclusion that in the condition their piano is in, it does not have any real monetary value. At the same time, their piano means the world to them.

We have a solution to this dilemma. Through our Free Piano Adoption Program, we can ensure that cherished heirlooms will be brought back to life, and not relegated to the scrap pile. This is how it works: If your piano qualifies (see above), we will pick it up, free of charge, and offer it through our company to another family, free of charge to them. The adoptive family will then choose the amount of restoration that best fits their situation (click here to see descriptions of restoration options). At a bare minimum, the piano will have new strings, hammers and dampers installed. All the new family pays for is the restoration of the piano. It is the ultimate piano recycling program!

How To Qualify for Free Piano Pick-Up

Please call (208) 473-0293, write or e-mail us with a description of the piano including as much of the following as possible:

  • Make (name of piano -- American brands only, please)
  • Model (upright or grand)
  • Size (how tall from head to toe with uprights and how long from edge of keyboard to back of curve on grands)
  • Age (or serial number)
  • Case Description (plain or ornate, where the carving is, etc.) UPRIGHTS MUST BE ORNATE with carved scrollwork on the front panel along with fancy pillars coming down from the keyboard in order to qualify for free pick-up.
  • Pictures (required)


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